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Is your life at a crossroads right now?
Feeling held back by circumstances or other people?
Do you feel bogged down with a negative situation?
Is your company emotionally stagnating?

Sometimes all it takes is somebody else to ask a simple question for us to realise that there are two ways to look at every situation. Most of us, for some reason, seem to prefer to look at the worst in everything, and forget there could even be a flip side.

In my many broadcasts on radio and TV around the world, and in my articles and books, I have taken a close look at love and emotional intelligence and what makes people happy. Very often we can be our worst enemies at a time when we need to draw on the hidden strengths that we all have deep within.

My innovative and focused views will provide refreshing and clear ways at looking at situations and life.

If you find it helpful, then I know you will also enjoy some of my other articles, which I will also be happy to send to you with my compliments.

Challenging mediocrity in all its guises. Lifting the veil of life, love and happiness.


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John is far more than an author writer and broadcaster, he’s an Iconoclast and Social Commentator of today, tearing down and challenging staid, dull and outmoded doctrines of yesterday’s establishment and redundant cultural ideology. As a result of his extensive international travels and his firsthand experience of different cultures, ethnicities, religions, traits, lives, habits, ideas, personal ideologies, failings and negative stances, he has developed a wonderful skill of helping people in transition to step back, see the bigger picture, and find clarity of thought and a new sense of direction.

In today’s unsettled world of finance, global warming, violence, turbulent events and terrorism, people are more than ever seeking a better stance upon which to base their lives. A platform that gives them back their abilities and love and happiness that much of the media seems to take away by negative reporting.

Where more than ever business men and women are facing challenges within not only their work place but within themselves as to what to do, why, where, what if etc, and this has a profound effect on how they view their future and those around them.

Over the years, John has written extensively on the subject of Happiness and Emotional Intelligence, “If you are happy” he says “you can cope with anything”.

John enjoys lecturing throughout the UK and Europe as well as in America where his English style is thought of as zany and refreshing. His focus on happiness always keeps him well in demand from both Corporate clients as well as organisations and individuals alike, and he is constantly writing articles on the subject for publication in newspapers and magazines all over the world. He is a Christian, enjoys cooking, entertaining, fine wines, travelling, swimming, gardening and anything science fiction. He has a pilot’s license and was once a martial art master.

John’s great skill as a writer and Social Commentator is in his ability to empower people with the positive feeling that "anything is possible" and that the biggest hurdles to success are usually ourselves. He has the knack of honing in to how we feel, without any psycho-waffle or new age banter, but instead uses down to earth language that is easy to read and straight to the point.

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