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Social Philanthropy

Philanthropy is the effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind



The object of the Tree Of Life Foundation is cultivating a more unified yet free thinking form of global knowledge where people can commune with one another more proficiently and effectively on a universal basis without all the corporate psycho-babble or pompous and empty governmental rhetoric which often clouds and hinders rather than helps ones instinctive Emotional Intelligence. Most people who purport to introduce psychological ways of thinking or corporate speak have little or no creativity themselves and defeat what their aims are at trying to foster advanced thinking, way beyond the "out of the box" thinkers which has become almost become bland and de rigueur.

The effects of outmoded cultures, staid religious content, fear, dictatorial governments, corporate bureaucracy, ignorance, lack of real global knowledge, oppressive regimes, selfish families, emotional blackmail, greed, arrogance, jealousy, poverty, etc, stifles and retards latent genius, it drowns out the desire to allow the brain to perform at higher levels and makes it even more difficult in finding those that are capable of elevated thinking. Most people believe they can spot genius or creativity above the norm, but sadly that isn't true and here lies yet more problems, which are way beyond HR and Personnel and secretarial 'gatekeepers'.

There are those that talk about creativity, and the need for it, there are those who know that advanced thinking is the key to going forward and there are those who just think it smart to latch on to the heat seeking vector currents of others thoughts in the hope that it will by default include them, it won't in every case. Emotional Intelligence is the way between elevated thinking and android development where computing power adds a new dimension to extrapolated thought. Terminology does not determine the abilities of those who have advanced thinking capability, terminology is added by those that lack that ability themselves yet seek to categorise it for their own benefit and to try and understand via some equasional response so that they can wax lyrical about areas which are alien to themselves. Simplicity of mind always allows heightened thoughts to rise to levels only limited by the self.


There are those in higher education, graduate and post graduate positions that seek to eventually find employment at some level commensurate with their current abilities. However, once the educational confines are removed various endemic industry strategies take place, "we do things like this here", "this is our corporate policy", "this is our handbook on how we do things", "this is our unified protocol book on our corporate structures" and so it goes on. And whilst much (not all) of what has been laid down has a purpose behind it, by its own hand stifles and retards individuals abilities to excel. (The Drone Syndrome).

Tree Of Life Foundation seeks to open the minds of younger people especially in the fields of higher learning to allow them often for the first time to challenge themselves and everything around them, family, friends, government, religion, environment, etc, not as an argument, but where it all fits in with how they think and feel, as opposed to all these areas imposing themselves on the individual and then seeing what happens. Free thought has neither parameters nor conditions, it is what it is. A 'mind plasma thought state' is the ultimate in thinking where it sustains its level above all else.


Current areas targeted are the Middle and Far East and the Indian sub-continent, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc, expanding to Africa and South America. Universities, private educational establishments, corporate areas where 'freer' thinking is required, and symposiums born out of collective interest by pre-targeted social and commercial groups. Poverty is often a cause for starved resources, money buys resources and neither tends to be the creators of excellence of discovery that fuels society. Two extreme areas one with and one without wealth and yet neither has communed in world markets with innovation or genuine status as leaders of any sort.


There are a series of lectures, seminars and symposiums delivering lateral and vertical thought knowledge based on Emotional Intelligence elevating students' perceptions and abilities in whatever field they are studying. Like a CD / DVD disc full of knowledge base content, if it can't be played then it's almost worthless. Similarly in the geniuses are locked behind mental constructs and structures of culture and outmoded ideologies they will never be able to release their full potential and indeed live a better and more fruitful and enjoyable life.


It is imperative to incorporate education with business, as it's the businesses in every country that creates employment and generates income that provides the countries' wealth to runs its services. This melding of education and commerce by progressive companies is what will keep them at the cutting edge of technology and utilisation of product / customer relationships as well as establishing themselves as ongoing players of world calibre. Tree Of Life Foundation is engaging and partnering with corporations with educational vision to be able to deliver its product of lectures, symposia and seminars as well as mutually establishing a degree of brand presence in return for funding. This symbiotic relationship is core to allowing feedback on a mutual level and enhancing student / corporate relationships from an independent stance.


All lectures, symposia, seminars are accompanied with "Welcome Packs", these will also have web content support and merchandising, some free resources and some at cost for students who seek further information or knowledge on a certain area of interest. The "Welcome Packs" will have corporate "product identification" and contain any pertinent corporate literature relevant to the seminars, but not bundles of sales pamphlets! Every lecture will have an evaluation to judge the type and style and value of the given information / knowledge as being pertinent to those attending. This will be statistically correlated to produce a demographic report.


In the targeted countries all the major universities and educational establishments are contacted as to offering the lecturing services and fitting a schedule, venue, student levels, subject topics (trying to group similar type students together where possible), and provide adequate back up facilities and welcome packs.


It's imperative that the students and everyone who is to take part in the lectures, seminars, symposia are fully aware of what the achievement is to be and that they are not participating from a level of enquiry, curiosity or some personal or contentious thoughts that they hope will be touched upon to give resolution. Pre-lecture documentation will be made available to every participant so that they both know and understand the value of themselves and what can be achieved and not still deep down clinging on to invisible elasticised strings that will come into effect straight after the delivery, which is not uncommon in some deep rooted family cultures. Freedom has a price as does selfishness.


We are all part of the "bigger picture" although how we interact within it determines where we reside and how we think and what happens to us. Nations rise and fall on how they collectively work and think, corporations similarly progress or catastrophically go under. Brands are bought and sold as commodities today as companies seek to grow and divest in the process as their organic structures change almost by default. Many of the poorer world countries will by their own mentality and volition keep themselves in that position, forever trailing behind the rest, regardless of relative progress.


Let's make a ground change on a global scale, the young educationally gifted and ably intelligent can make differences that the mass populous can't, as they see no further than their own microcosmic status and the enormity of global speak is beyond their comprehension. By giving the up and coming intelligent a learned knowledge based on Emotional Intelligence they can harness all forms of structural and spiritual growth that can enhance concepts that for many would remain only 'pipe dreams'. Our ability is right here, right now, the decision makers in corporations can add value in a synergistic way whilst enjoying an advanced opportunity for stronger branding, it's a win - win with the future.

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